Dynamic storage for dynamic applications

Spot Storage leverages advanced NetApp and Spot technologies to offer optimized storage at 70% less than cloud provider volumes. Intelligent and automated, Spot Storage automatically adjusts volume size and performance to meet application demands. With proactive application, Spot Storage not only ensures the right capacity is allocated, but that it is also optimized. Using NetApp’s thin provisioning, compression and deduping technologies, Spot Storage delivers drastic cost savings.

Spot Storage Dashboard

The end of storage administration

Just define your stateful application and Spot Storage automatically shapes the size and performance of storage volumes to fit application requirements.
Leverage compression, dedupe and tiering technologies to deliver Spot volumes that cost up to 70% less than cloud provider volumes.
Advanced automation mechanisms remove operational barriers and improve efficiency for tasks like data mounting and inline snapshots.

Seamless management of storage and compute in one Spot

Storageless volumes for container workloads
Automatically provision, right-size and optimize Kubernetes persistent volumes for the highest performance at the lowest cost.
End-to-end application storage provisioning
With Spot Storage volumes attached to VMs, provisioning, allocation and management is automated and continuously optimized for up to 70% cost savings compared to cloud provider volumes.

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