Container Services

The Serverless Platform for Containers

Save 80% on your compute costs

How it Works?

Choose a container orchestrator (Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Docker Swarm or Nomad), and start deploying
containers. Elastigroup will configure and right size the infrastructure for you.

Elastigroup runs in your own secured Cloud provider of your choice, such as Amazon Web Services,
Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Slash your Infrastructure costs by 80%
Elastigroup leverages predictive algorithms and a designated workload management technology that lets
you save up to 80% on your compute costs without compromising on availability, by maintaining a cluster
of Spot Instances as the underlying infrastructure.

Serverless Experience in infrastructure management and scaling
With Elastigroup, you will never need to provision a server, or actively scale your cluster as it
continuously monitors CPU, Memory and port availability, scaling infrastructure up to accommodate for
incoming Pods or Tasks, and scaling it down to zero when instances are underutilized while accommodating
all different labels and constraints.


No VM or Cluster to manage

Focus on containers and forget about the underlying compute infrastructure. Elastigroup frees you from picking instance types, administering servers, and optimizing cluster utilization.

Platform Agnostic

Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Docker Swarm and Nomad

Auto Scaling

Auto Scale your clusters based on your Containers requirements. Scale to zero when resources are not needed.

Container Services Use Cases

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