Compute at 80% Less. Application Scaling Service Designed to Optimize Performance and Costs.

Spotinst provides a platform that enables companies of all sizes and verticals to leverage Amazon EC2 Spot Instances with ease and with advanced orchestrations features to optimize and accelerate workloads to save 80% of their compute costs.


Prediction is the Key to minimize Interruptions

Based on historical and statistical EC2 Spot interruption data, Spotinst can predict EC2 Spot interruptions ahead of time and automatically migrate instances into different Instance Types, Availability Zones or fall back to On-Demand and Reserved instances in order to ensure high availability and consistency.


World Class Orchestration

By using Spotinst Elastigroup, customers can enjoy the great savings of Spot instances, while minimizing EC2 Spot interruptions and ensuring that capacity does not drop below the defined minimums. Elastigroup takes care of automating the provisioning, draining and maintaining high availability of the vast majority of Enterprise and Cloud Native applications.

Top Features

Seamless integrations

Elastigroup integrates with dozens of applications and services including Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling Groups, Amazon ECS, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Beanstalk, OpsWorks and more.

Optimal Utilization

Elastigroup prioritizes utilizing Reserved instances before launching Spot instances, and fallback to On-Demand when Spot capacity is not available.


Elastigroup uses predictive algorithms to identify and drain Spot Instances that are about to be “interrupted. Prior to termination, Elastigroup seamlessly launches EC2 Spot capacity in different AZs and Instance Types.

Use Cases

Elastigroup integrates with AWS Classic / Application and  Network Load Balancers and responsible for registering new instances and safely deregisters instances that are predicted to be terminated, ensuring that the instances have a sufficient time out to draining connections so no requests or sessions will be interrupted.

If you are using auto-scaling for your applications today, you can maintain the same behavior with Elastigroup.
Elastigroup helps you maintain your application availability and allows you to automatically scale your capacity up or down in order to meet your application’s needs.

Elastigroup Auto Scaling engine makes it even more powerful when considering the Spot market pricing and fluctuations before spinning up or down instances in the cluster.

If you are using Amazon ECS, Kubernetes and Just Docker-based Microservice, you can maintain the same behavior while running your compute on EC2 Spot.

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Elastigroup has a unique functionality that makes it easier and painless to create a fully controlled code deployment to your application layers and performs rolling updates (Blue / Green) Deployments, end to end.
Zero Downtime Deployments

Elastigroup performs rolling updates across your instances and tracks application health according to configurable rules. Deployments can easily be stopped and rolled back if there are any errors.

Keep things Simple

Platform and language agnostic and works with any application. Elastigroup gives you a detailed report allowing you to view when each application revision was deployed and to which instances.

Elastigroup integrates with Jenkins and makes it possible for CI/CD pipelines to run on the most economical cloud resources. According to predefined parameters, Elastigroup ensures that no job will be interrupted and will scale up and down instances according to your pipeline queue.

Using the Stateful service, Elastigroup can ensure data persistence and cluster H/A while running on Spot Instances. Elastigroup will simulate the spot replacement process into a “reboot”, making sure that the new instance will be launched from the same root and data volumes with the same IP address.

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