Rich visibility & insights into cloud resource usage

Cloud Analyzer for MSP is a cloud cost management portal that uses advanced analytics to provide visibility and insights into how clients are using cloud resources. It enables you to see and provide clients with accurate, informative and actionable insights into cloud costs and opportunities to reduce them. That helps you to improve profitability, simplify billing management, and increase customer satisfaction.

Cloud Analyzer Dashboard

Maximize cloud efficiency to satisfy customers & deliver value

Get cost reports across clouds, accounts, and workloads. Gain an accurate view of cloud spend and share with customers via a blazing-fast billing process.
Give customers full visibility into services and workloads across multiple cloud providers with best-practices recommendations and actionable insights.
With custom rulesets, process and show cloud usage to provide clients accurate, informative and actionable insights to their cloud environments.
Deliver reliable, scalable cloud infrastructure at the lowest possible cost using our advanced automation and technology that maximizes spot and reserved instances savings.


Simplify billing & cost per tenant

Get top-to-bottom visibility into your customers’ cloud usage at the cluster, workload, account and client levels.

Unified, multi-cloud view

See cloud usage and costs across all your clients and their accounts, as well as across cloud providers. Granular access control ensures the security of data for client peace of mind.

Understand & control cloud costs

Analyze and report on cloud costs, using real-time data to provide accurate reports and cost accounting.

Plan for current & future requirements

Use analytics on historical, current and predicted usage to enable data-driven capacity management and budgeting.


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Cloud Analyzer for MSP is still being developed with all the unique features required for MSPs to manage their own customer base. To register for our private, preview program, please click below.

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