Announcing ‘Back to Spot’ maintenance windows

Starting today, you can further maximize cost savings without impacting availability, by defining “maintenance” time windows in which Elastigroup will replace on-demand instances that were launched during a spot shortage.

Elastigroup offers the option to Fallback to on demand which makes sure your service will remain 100% available by launching on-demand instances in cases of spot shortage.
In certain cases (e.g. stateful instances, availability cluster orientation), in order to maximize availability, Elastigroup will not revert on-demands back to Spots, in order to minimize instance replacements and ensure availability. this can result in reduced Spot instance utilization, which can lead to suboptimal costs

Now, using ‘Back to Spot’ you can specify your off-peak hours in which Elastigroup will gracefully replace on-demand instances with spot instances to make sure you will have optimal cost savings.

Revert to spot is now available in our API and Console