Elastigroup Supports GPU-Accelerated Preemptible VMs on GCP

elastigroup gcp

We’re excited to announce that Elastigroup now supports Preemptible GPUs on Google Cloud Platform. Preemptible GPUs are graphical processing units attached to Preemptible VMs. Elastigroup’s new support gives you the exceptional power of GPU-accelerated processing, significant savings on both the GPU and the instance, and the 100% availability that Elastigroup guarantees.

Preemptible GPUs can be used to accelerate workloads such as machine learning, data and image processing. Preemptible GPUs offer incredible savings: Up to 80% savings on both the GPU hours and up VM costs. However, they’re subject to the same 24-hour limit as the Preemptible VM and they may be shut down at any time with a 30-second notification.

Elastigroup uses a prediction algorithm to seamlessly replace instances before they’re either preempted or reach their 24-hour limit. This ensures that your cluster’s desired capacity is always maintained while taking advantage of the major savings that Preemptible VMs offer.

To get started with GCP’s Preemptible GPUs on Elastigroup head to the Elastigroup Console today!