$20k Of Cloud Savings

Vertex Ventures Collaborates With Spot To Offer $20k Of Savings On AWS, Azure and Google

Spot & Vertex Ventures Collaborate to increase cloud efficiency for Vertex portfolio companies

Unfortunately, most companies focus on the pennies rather than the big bucks when it comes to reducing their cloud costs.

We’re on a mission to deliver scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure at the lowest possible cost.

How does it work?

Cloud providers sell their spare capacity (e.g EC2 Spot Instances) at up to 80-90% discount, but this spare capacity can be terminated at any time with short notice. By leveraging algorithms that predict these terminations ahead of time, Spot can offer SLAs for production applications while reducing 80% of the compute costs.

Get started with a quick Spot deployment:

  • No architectural changes.
  • Guided setup with a Spot Solutions Architect
  • The first $20K of your cloud savings are free

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