$20k Of Cloud Savings

Temasek Collaborates With Spotinst To Offer $20k Of Savings On AWS, Azure and Google

Spotinst & Temasek Collaborates to increase cloud efficiencies

Unfortunately, most companies focus on the pennies rather than the big bucks when it comes to reducing their cloud costs.

Spotinst offers a comprehensive compute management platform that automates and orchestrates your cloud workloads to accelerate and save 80% of your compute costs.

How does it work?

Cloud providers sell their spare capacity (e.g EC2 Spot Instances) at 80% less, but this spare capacity can be terminated at any time with a short notice. Leveraging algorithms that predict these terminations ahead of time, Spotinst offers an SLA for your applications while reducing 80% of your costs.

Get a quick Spotinst deployment;

  • No architectural changes
  • Guided setup with a Spotinst Solutions Architect
  • The first $20K of your cloud savings are free

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