$20k of Free Cloud Cost Savings

TechStars offers portfolio $20k in Spotinst's savings on AWS, Azure, Google

What is Spotinst?

Spotinst offers a platform for automatically leveraging spare capacity at AWS, Azure, and GCP, helping you reduce 80% of your cloud compute costs.

How does Spotinst reduce your costs by 80%?

Cloud providers sell their spare capacity (eg Spot Instances) for heavy discounts (~80%), but this spare capacity can be terminated at any time with no prior warning. Leveraging algorithms that predict these terminations ahead of time, Spotinst offers an SLA guaranteeing 100% availability, consistency, and data integrity on this spare capacity.

What’s the offer?
  • First $20k of savings are free 
  • Guided setup with a Solutions Architect
  • 24/7 enterprise support 
  • No code or architectural changes

Thank you!

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