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Why Spotinst Ocean?


Optimize Cost

Reliably leverage AWS EC2 Spot Instances to optimize cost and save up to 90% on compute infrastructure with SLA-backed availability.


Hands-Free Infrastructure:

Deploy more without having to manage the underlying Container infrastructure.


Container-Driven Autoscaling

Auto-detect Pod or Task infrastructure requirements so the appropriate instance size or type will always be available. 

Container-Driven Infrastructure

Spotinst’s native Auto-Scaler ensures that all Pods\Tasks have resources to run on, and systematically selects the most suitable instance type that will facilitate the containers’ requirements. The Auto-Scaler will scale up new instances in cases when the existing ones are over-utilized and cannot support new Pods\Tasks, and will scale down instances when they are under-utilized and relocate the containers to other vacant instances.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Ocean validates that your instances are fully utilized before spinning up new ones, thus enabling an additional layer of cost-efficiency.

Save Up To 90% On
Infrastructure Costs

Optimize up to 80% of your cloud-compute costs by leveraging cloud excess capacity as the underlying infrastructure which facilitates your containers allocation, while enabling the option to fallback to On-Demand, thereby maintaining high-availability for production and mission-critical applications.

Cost Showback

With Cost Showback you get a more granular view of the cluster’s cost breakdown (compute and storage) for each and every one of the cluster’s resources such as deployment\service, cron jobs, Tasks and Pods.

Vertical Container

Ocean measures in real-time the CPU\Memory of your Pods & Tasks and will provide resource suggestions based on the consumption in your cluster.
Right-Sizing Pods and Tasks directly from the Ocean console allows you to apply more accurate resource requests, based on actual usage.

Integrates With Existing
DevOps Tools

Spotinst Ocean seamlessly integrates with your existing IaaC (Infrastructure-as-a-Code) tools such as Ansible, Terraform and CloudFormation, so you will be able to apply an end-to-end automated process of your stack.

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Max Blaze

We've saved 65% of our compute cost and simplified our operations by taking a hands-off approach to managing our workloads and infrastructure using Spotinst

Max Blaze | Staff Operations Engineer

Shane Savoie

Spotinst Ocean was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex Cloud & On Premise Kubernetes environments

Shane Savoie | Chief Architect

Josh Schlanger

Spotinst has saved us 70%-80% of our infrastructure costs.
We are using Elastigroup in multiple production environments.

Josh Schlanger | VP DevOps and IT

Steve Dorazio

We got a demo of the product at 7pm that night, and we were deployed to production by 9pm

Steve Dorazio | Principle Engineer at RedSpark

Vaibhav Puranik

What we really like about Spotinst is their predictive auto-scaling. It predicts that a spot instance is going to go down and replaces the instance before that happens.

Vaibhav Puranik | SVP of Engineering

Anan Kenig

We’ve managed to get the performance we needed with no management or maintenance from our side. All this and we’ve even reduced our costs by 70%!

Anan Kenig | Chief Architect

Stephen Lowe is running its production containerized application with Spotinst. Our Production migration to Spotinst took us less than four hours.

Stephen Lowe | CTO

James Marcus

Spotinst isn’t just a vendor to us, they’re a partner we know we can work with.

James Marcus | VP of Technical Operations

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