Let Us Manage your Kubernetes Cluster. On Spot Instances.

Run Kubernetes clusters without thinking about servers, and save up to 80% on your compute costs. Elastigroup Managed Container Service strips away any need to provision, manage, or scale your infrastructure when running containerized workloads.

No need to manage your clusters or servers

Focus on containers and forget about the underlying compute infrastructure. Spotinst MCS frees you from picking instance types, administering servers, and optimizing cluster utilization.


Save 80% on your compute costs

Spotinst MCS automatically and seamlessly run your cluster on Spot Instances and save you up to 80% on your compute costs while maintaining high availability.


Monitoring and Visibility

Spotinst MCS comes with a UI Dashboard displaying CPU and memory usage in real-time, letting you easily monitor utilization at the cluster level, and at the instance level.

Automatic Scaling and Cluster Headroom

Use proprietary autoscalers that optimize your cluster size at all times, scaling up to accommodate incoming tasks, and scaling down when instances are underutilized.

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