Import and Run Your AWS Beanstalk Environment into Elastigroup

In this tutorial, you will learn how to import and run your AWS Beanstalk environment into Elastigroup. Once imported, Elastigroup will manage and provision spot instances for the Beanstalk environment. With Spot Instances, you can achieve substantial cost savings (up to 90%) without compromising on performance or availability.

You are now minutes away from running Beanstalk on Spot Instances. Let’s get started!


It is important to note that we have two separate Beanstalk integrations: In-ASG and Independent Elastigroup. These integrations differ based on the Deployment Policy configured in the Elastic Beanstalk Environment. To learn more about the difference between the two integrations, please visit our Beanstalk documentation.

Step 1:

Login to the Elastigroup Console and navigate to the Creation Wizard by clicking on the Create button in the Elastigroups tab.

Then, choose Elastic Beanstalk to launch the Elastigroup creation wizard:

Step 2: Select the Elastic Beanstalk Environment to Import

Configure the Capacity

Click Next to continue

Click Next to continue

Beanstalk Integration

Under Integrations, Beanstalk is preselected and includes the rolling update settings.

The Beanstalk integration settings include:

Strategy: Either perform a restart to the existing EC2 instances or replace them with new ones. Grace Period: The amount of time in seconds from the instance launched until Elastigroup starts checking it’s health. Batch Size: The percentage of instances that are handled in each batch.

Click Next on the remaining screens and complete the setup.

Step 3: Verifying Setup

After a few minutes, your Beanstalk environment will be imported into Elastigroup. Under the instances tab, you will be able to see the state of each instance.

Under the Life Cycle column, you can now see that each Beanstalk instance is running on Spot.


You have now learned how to import your existing Beanstalk environment into Elastigroup. From now on, the imported environment will be managed and provisioned with spot instances. With that out of the way, running your Beanstalk environment on Spot instances will have the following benefits:

  • Cut your costs by up to 90%, while maintaining high availability.
  • Run on spot instances with zero overhead, and no servers to manage – The Spotinst Elastigroup platform manages your infrastructure for you.
  • Capacity Management – Simply scale the instances in your Beanstalk environment with Elastigroup to meet the needs of your workloads.

Next Steps

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