Importing an AWS Auto Scaling Group into Elastigroup in 3 Steps


In this tutorial, you will learn how to import & run your AWS Auto Scaling Group via an Elastigroup for immediate savings. ASG’s in general, tend to be fault tolerant by nature, making them ideal candidates for Spot Instances. With Spot instances, you can achieve substantial cost savings (up to 90%) without compromising on performance or availability. Elastigroup’s Autoscaler provides scaling based on any CloudWatch or custom metric and maintains the cluster blend of Spot, On-Demand and Reserved instances that meets your desired balance between cost and availability.

You are now minutes away from running your ASG on Spot Instances. Let’s get started!


  1. A verified Spotinst Account.
  2. An AWS Auto Scaling Group


Step 1: Open the AWS Auto Scaling Group Creation Wizard 

Login to the Elastigroup Console ( and navigate to the Creation Wizard by clicking on the Create button in the Elastigroups tab.


Then, choose ‘AutoScaling Group’ to launch the Elastigroup creation wizard:


Step 2: Select AWS Auto Scaling Group Configuration to Import


With ASG Import, you can get started quickly by importing group configuration from an existing group. Elastigroup will import instance configurations such as AMI, security groups, and VPC. For a full list of configurations imported by Elastigroup, visit our docs.

In the Auto Scaling Group window select Create an Elastigroup from an existing Auto Scaling Group, choose the Region and Auto Scaling Group you’d like to clone into Elastigroup and click Create.

Step 2 takes configuration from your AWS ASG and uses it to create an Elastigroup. This does not affect your existing ASG in any way

Once you’ve selected an ASG to import configuration from, click on ‘Create


Step 3: Review and Create


The Creation Wizard prepares a json template to launch an Elastigroup with your Auto Scaling Group configuration.

If you’d like to downscale your existing Auto Scaling Group after all new instances launched by Elastigroup are up and running, navigate to the General tab, select Downscale Imported ASG and input your desired Target Capacity for the Auto Scaling Group. Elastigroup uses this input to reset the Target and Minimum capacities of your Auto Scaling Group


All that’s left to do is click Create!




You have now learned how to create an Elastigroup from an AWS Auto Scaling Group, letting you:

  • Cut your costs by up to 80%, while maintaining high availability.
  • Run on spot instances with zero overhead, The Spotinst Elastigroup platform manages your Spot infrastructure for you.

You’re now in the Elastigroup Manager view, where you can review, manage and monitor your running Elastigroup.


Next Steps


  • Customize your Elastigroup Configurations: The Creation Wizard gives you all the tools you need to customize the configuration of your Auto Scaling Group’s deployment on Elastigroup. Click here to learn more about configuring your deployment in the Creation Wizard.
  • Learn about our full list of supported Service Integrations: Potential savings can be found in AWS Load Balancers, Cluster Management, CI/CD and more! Click here for our full list of supported Service Integrations.
  • Check out our API Docs here to learn how to create an Elastigroup from your AWS Auto Scaling Group with RESTful APIs.