Spotinst now Supports G3 (Next-Gen GPU) Instance Type

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A week ago, AWS has launched a new instance type – G3, the next – generation of GPU – powered for graphics-intensive applications This instance type has NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs, and available in three sizes (all VPC-only and EBS-only):

Model GPUs GPU Memory vCPUs Main Memory EBS Bandwidth
g3.4xlarge 1 8 GiB 16 122 GiB 3.5 Gbps
g3.8xlarge 2 16 GiB 32 244 GiB 7 Gbps
g3.16xlarge 4 32 GiB 64 488 GiB 14 Gbps


Our customers that are heavy consumers of a 3D application can now benefit from the new G3 instances on Spot, with a full support of all Elastigroup’s great features such as Stateful, Hot EBS migration, and other 3rd party integrations.

As for now, you can see in the spot market (Oregon region in this table) that the G3 is more powerful and cheaper than the G2, this because of a larger volume of capacity of the G3.

Model GPUs vCPUs Main Memory Spot Price
g2.2xlarge 1 8 15 GiB 0.1994$
g2.8xlarge 4 32 60 GiB 0.9123$
g3.4xlarge 1 16 122 GiB 0.1371$
g3.8xlarge 2 32 244 GiB 0.2631$
g3.16xlarge 4 64 488 GiB 0.4752$


The new G3 instance helps the growth of the GPU market as it joins the wide family of GPU instances such as FPGA, P2, G2 and now G3.

G3 instances are available in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), US West (N. California), AWS GovCloud (US), and EU (Ireland).

We are always eager to move fast with the growing cloud market to support all of our customers’ needs.