Spotinst implemented as standard within Samsung SDS cost management platform

Spotinst implemented as standard within Samsung SDS cost management platform

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We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Samsung SDS to help both Samsung and other companies in Korea reduce cloud compute costs using our suite of services, Elastigroup, Spectrum, and our newest Compute Serverless platform. Samsung SDS, one of the world’s leading IT services and solutions companies, will now be leveraging its cloud team to help Korean companies reliably leverage Amazon EC2 spare capacity for any production and mission critical-application.

Machine Learning-based Cost Savings

The new offering gives Samsung SDS exclusive access to Spotinst’s platform in Korea, with Samsung SDS launching deep integration with Spotinst’s platform. Samsung SDS is now able to offer its customers unprecedented savings – 80% off AWS EC2 costs and 84% off of Azure VM costs – an offering which Korean companies can only access via Samsung SDS. This puts Samsung SDS in a unique position as the only company offering 100% availability on top of spare capacity at AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud in South Korea.

At the heart of the partnership sits Spotinst’s core technology – predictive algorithms that predict spare capacity interruptions across cloud providers and a smart migration system that allows businesses to automatically provision and migrate instances to the lowest cost servers available.

Enterprise-grade platform for Amazon EC2 Spot

As part of its excess capacity management platform, Spotinst offers a one-of-a-kind SLA guaranteeing 100% availability on AWS Spot Instances and Azure Low-priority VMs. Enterprises previously couldn’t take advantage of Spot Instances due to its risks, but with Spotinst’s Stateful Spot Instance management, they can now increase their cloud cost efficiency by up to 80%. This unique offering automatically leverages the savings of excess cloud capacity for any non-production application, development environment, or test environment by retaining the server state using an advanced snapshot system and managed hibernation. Already utilized by enterprises like Verizon and HPE, Samsung SDS and Spotinst are excited to expand the platform to Korean enterprises running on the cloud.

With this collaboration, Spotinst & Samsung SDS will be better equipped to communicate and serve the Korean market. As the leading IT services and solutions company in Korea, the vote of confidence that comes with working with Samsung SDS is very meaningful for Spotinst.

“Samsung SDS is one of the world’s most respected IT services and solutions companies. With this collaboration, we’ll be able to start working with more companies in Korea, with Samsung SDS helping train companies to lower cloud costs dramatically. The vote of confidence from Korea’s leading IT services and solutions company carries a lot of weight with Korean customers and we’re excited to start supporting our new Korean customers.”

About Samsung

Samsung SDS is a global IT services and solutions company that led Korea’s IT industry for over 30 years since its establishment in 1985. Samsung SDS has enabled growth and development for its clients through innovation utilizing information technology in data processing operations, system integration, IT services, and current ICT services. Samsung SDS also provides purpose-built technology solutions in the areas of enterprise mobility, security, and advanced analytics across various industries.