Our Serverless product launches; lowest cost compute power globally

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Today, we complete a full offering of cloud compute solutions on unused capacity by launching Functions, our serverless product. Major cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft, Google) sell their excess capacity at bargain prices (up to 80% off) to get some value out of otherwise unused inventory. These bargain prices come with a major caveat – you get kicked off with 2 minutes notice once other customers demand full-priced servers. This caveat ruins what would otherwise be a dream of an offering – 80% off -becoming far too risky for most customers to utilize.

Spotinst removes the risk by guaranteeing 100% availability even on unused inventory.

By predicting interruptions and then migrating your applications to other empty servers, our products let you enjoy all the savings of unused inventory with none of the risk.

With Functions, developers can enjoy the magic of serverless on unused inventory, something the cloud providers themselves don’t even offer.

Serverless Functions: preparing for the future of Cloud

Spotinst Functions also takes the first step towards the decentralized, highly distributed IoT and compute model of the future. Running across all major cloud providers AND more traditional data centers like Equinix, Spotinst Functions doubles as the most widely distributed and lowest-latency cloud offering on the market.

Today, most of our customers are using it to reduce latencies and data-transfer (egress) costs. This is a game changer for ‘heavy’ network applications that use a ton of compute in the “centralized” clouds (“AWS Regions”).

Want to get started running Functions on the lowest-cost, most decentralized FaaS platform out there? Write your first function today!