Elastigroup for Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

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Elastigroup for Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

If you are running an application or service behind AWS’ Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), then Spotinst’s Elastigroup is the perfect tool for you. Elastigroup provides the freedom to run a blended cluster from multiple types sizes({M3,M4,C3,C4}.{Large,Xlarge,etc..}) and purchasing options (Spot, On-Demand, Reserved)
Elastigroup launches the target capacity in multiple uncorrelated Spot Markets, to ensure a predictable and stable workload. Its unique value proposition is its ability to add resiliency to workloads that otherwise would not be suitable to run on the Spot Market.

The Simple 3 Steps That Keep your Application Safe From Any Spot Replacement

  • Prediction Analysis Based on the Spot Bid and Its Market (instance type, operating system, Availability Zone, and network platform (EC2-Classic or EC2-VPC) )
  • Enhanced Instance De-Registering and HTTP Connection Draining
  • Sophisticated Cluster health monitoring to ensure the desired number of EC2 resources.


To ensure that the load balancer stops sending requests to instances that are marked for termination, Elastigroup will de-register and drain the instances a few minutes before the instance gets a shutdown signal from AWS. At the same time Elastigroup will begin spinning up new instances in parallel to ensure your desired capacity won’t be degraded.

Blended clusters with Spot, On-Demand and Reserved Instances attached to the same ELB

Elastigroup supports all instance purchase options and will dynamically select the optimal combination according to your Elastigroup configuration.


Heterogeneous Multi-Instance Type Distribution Using The Same ELB

Elastigroup can run a heterogeneous workload by understanding each server’s type and size characteristics and limitations. It’ll utilize multiple instance families while keeping the number of cores equal across all instances.


Specify one or more ELBs, and Elastigroup will register every instance with the ELB upon successful launch operation. Elastigroup also de-registers instances from the ELB upon termination and sends SNS\Email notifications.

Take Control With Better, Enhanced ELB Cluster Health Monitoring