Reliable Applications for Cloud Desktops with Spot PC and Rimo3

Moving employees to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Windows 365 can have many advantages, including:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Universal access from any device or location
  • Familiar Windows 10 or Windows 11 based working environment
  • A shift to predictable monthly expense and away from physical device refreshes

But migrating to a virtual desktop environment also has its challenges. Perhaps the largest is ensuring that applications can be installed on the virtual desktop environment. And then, beyond installation, ensuring that each application performs at least as well as in the users’ former environment.

To solve this problem, Spot by NetApp and Rimo3 are announcing a partnership to accelerate application deployment in Spot PC. Spot PC is a cloud desktop solution that makes it easy to deliver cloud desktops as a service utilizing AVD and Windows 365.

Reliable Application Migration

Spot PC uses well defined workflows and automation to make common virtual desktop tasks more efficient. For application migration, Spot PC will utilize Rimo3 technology for the following tasks:

  • Testing AVD / Windows 365 compatibility. Rimo3 tests the installation and startup of an application in AVD to ensure that it can run in a virtual desktop with Spot PC
  • Verifying multi-user compatibility. Test that multiple users can run an application on the same session virtual machine for pooled user use cases
  • Checking MSIX AppAttach compatibility. The promise of “install once, run everywhere” is attractive, but not all applications can be packaged for MSIX AppAttach. Spot PC will use Rimo3 to test MSIX packaging.
  • Profiling application performance.  Measure the resource consumption of applications as an early indicator of resource needs for the desktop.

The Spot PC customer success team will also add their expertise to the application migration process. For almost 20 years partners and customers have trusted the virtual desktop experts on our team to provide guidance on application migration. With Spot PC we are adding a formal library of application knowledge that will accelerate the process of installing popular applications and pre-test custom or rare applications pre-migration.

Application Maintenance

Maintaining applications over time can also be a challenge. For example, version updates need to be propagated to all session virtual machines. Spot PC automates this process where possible. Administrators can revise existing images by defining a new version that removes the old application version and installing the new one. Spot PC will then update the session virtual machines either immediately or on a schedule defined by the admin.

For Windows 365 cloud PCs or small updates to AVD applications, it may make more sense to simply update the running instances. Spot PC automates this process as well, allowing an admin to push updates via Microsoft Endpoint Manager application deployments for Windows 365 or scripted deployments in AVD.

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Spot PC and Rimo3 ensure that virtual desktop users can access their applications while providing administrators with efficient application deployment and management tools. The combination removes a significant obstacle to taking advantage of the benefits of virtual desktops.

Want to know more? Spot by NetApp and Rimo3 are hosting a discussion on how we’re working to help you migrate and run applications successfully for your cloud desktop users.  Sign up now to join us.