AWS re:Invent 2020 with Spot by NetApp -

AWS re:Invent 2020 with Spot by NetApp

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Marc Andreessen, a well-known entrepreneur and tech investor, is quoted saying “adaptability is key”. For this year’s AWS re:Invent conference (November 30 – December 18) Andreessen’s quote is so relevant. Just last December there were over 65,000 in-person attendees at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. This year with Covid-19, AWS is adapting and doing things differently with the entire event spread out over 3 weeks as a completely virtual experience.  

Here at Spot by NetApp, this is our 6th year attending and sponsoring re:Invent. While this time we won’t have a physical presence, we’ve adapted and are offering a rich calendar of virtual events and activities along with awesome prizes for those who of you who join us. Read on to find out more.  

Talk to Our Cloud Experts and Win an Airpods Pro 

Interested in learning how to reliably run your production workloads on EC2 Spot instances? Considering AWS Savings Plans and RIs but concerned about under-utilization and long-term lock-in? Or perhaps simplifying and optimizing Kubernetes infrastructure management is your thing? In any case, our team is here to answer all your questions and share how Spot by NetApp can get you more cloud for less. And just for talking with our experts, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 10 Airpods Pro that we are giving away. 

JAM Session – Get Hands-On Experience with Advanced Kubernetes and Container Infrastructure Scaling and Management 

JAM sessions provide participants with a prepared environment where they get hands-on experience using AWS and other 3rd party technologies to solve various real-world challenges. In Spot by NetApp’s JAM, your role will be to help SuperCo roll out its top-secret consumer application – Super Special Superheroes.
You’ll need to build a container cluster that can automatically adapt and scale compute resources to meet varying demand while utilizing the most cost-efficient EC2 compute resource mix to do it.
During this JAM you’ll get a chance to learn tools and techniques to achieve that, gaining knowledge that you can apply immediately to your own cloud container infrastructure to deliver world-class and highly affordable cloud infrastructure for your container and Kubernetes environments. 

Start the challenge!

theCube (Silicon Angle) Interview with Spot Founder and VP

This fresh interview with Amiram Shachar, founder of Spot (previously Spotinstand now VP and General Manager of Spot by NetApp will cover: 

  • What’s happened at Spot since being acquired this past summer by NetApp, a leader in the on-premise and cloud storage space
  • How the Spot team is doubling down on core technologies such as predictive rebalancing for identifying EC2 spot instance interruptions up to an hour in advance
  • Explore new cloud optimization solutions such Spot Storage and the era of storageless that it ushers in
  • Investment in emerging use cases such as big data workloads and much more 

Tune in December 10th at 2PM PT

Learn How Spot by NetApp Delivers Cloud Cost Efficiency and Simplified Management 

Join Kevin McGrath, CTO at Spot by NetApp as he gives an overview of everything Spot by NetApp offers. During this session Kevin will cover: 

  • Identifying and addressing cost inefficiencies in your public cloud accounts 
  • Monitoring your entire infrastructure in one place 
  • Automatically reducing costs while maintaining SLAs and SLOs 
  • Sharing some ideas for how to spend the money you save 

Check it out!

When Storage Efficiency Met Compute Optimization 

Check out this 30 minute session that covers how NetApp’s acquisition of has created incredible synergy for those seeking greater efficiency for both cloud storage AND cloud compute resources. Join Ronen Schwartz, GM, and SVP of the NetApp Cloud Volumes group, and Tomer Hadassi, Director of Solution Architects at Spot by NetApp as they wax poetic about taking full advantage of AWS’s scalability and cost-saving opportunities without needing to handle all the nitty-gritty infrastructure management, all while dropping costs by up to 90% with availability guaranteed. 

Join session on December 10th at 3:15PM GMT and on December 11th at 7:15AM GMT

Our Virtual Booth  

Throughout the entire re:Invent you can visit us within the NetApp virtual booth. We are at tables 3, 6, 11 and 12 (on floors 1 and 2) and also have an on-demand Ocean demo playing on each floor. You can virtually hang out with our live reps and other attendees at the booth, ask questions, network and get some swag. Here is a list of what we’ll be covering at the booth: 

  • Application-Driven Infrastructure – Overview of the Spot by NetApp Product Suite 
  • Savings Plans and RI Management – Overview of Spot’s Eco Solution 
  • Serverless Infrastructure for Containers – Overview of Spot’s Ocean Solution 
  • Autoscaling Applications – Overview of Spot’s Elastigroup Solution 
  • Cloud Cost Analysis – Overview of Spot’s Cloud Analyzer 
  • Going Storageless – Overview of Spot Storage

Grab a seat!

Remembering re:Invent 2019 

It’s hard to believe this was just one year ago. But there we were (our name was Spotinst before NetApp acquired us), doing our thing, all mask-free. 

Looking forward to re:Invent 2021, live in Las Vegas – but for this year, come check out all our exciting sessions, prizes and more! 

the Spotinst booth at AWS re:invent 2019

Fun fact: When AWS first began hosting these yearly conference in 2012 there were just a few thousand attendees. Last year there were over 65,000 people at the Las Vegas based, one-week event.